GRILA Orientation
The Alternative and Strategy
The Alternative and Strategy

To counter this trend, GRILA believes that democracy and progressive strategies must focus on self-reliant and popular development in other words, Africa relying on its own forces, within a socialist and panafricanist perspective. This form of development entails subordinating external demands to internal needs. A consciousness that is increasingly homogenized by the dominant values of today's world system, however, is incapable of envisaging such a path. GRILA’s task, therefore, is to contribute to repoliticizing the discussion around development, fostering a new political consciousness, and channelling the efforts of an organic intelligentsia that will be capable of building an alternative to the disorder now ravaging Africa.

To achieve these ends, GRILA has organized itself into working collectives composed of volunteers who focus their research and activism on specific areas, such as: the campaign against impunity; women’s emancipation and the transformation of sexist mentalities; logistical support to political parties and progressive organizations, including political lobbying and promotion of their goals; campaign against comprador regimes; providing informed opinions and information to various organizations and facilitating activities; alternative research and information; consciousness-raising and education…